Update: Journey to #1 IT company in the world

With GSX 2015 upon us it is a great time to reflect at last year’s challenge and how we are faring on the journey to #1 IT company in the world.

To recap, at GSX14 John Chambers charged us with the goal of being the #1 IT company in the world.  By my calculations we were #4 in the world last year.   Here is my post from last year in case you missed it

So one year later?   While we are still #4 I’m happy to say that we have moved much closer to #3&#2.  Market caps today of ORCL, IBM and CSCO are $160B, $145B and $130 respectively.  So we only have $15B to go for #3 and $30B to go for the #2 spot. That’s down from last years $60B gap to those two.

So, give us one more year and we are at #2.  Call MSFT a consumer company and were #1!




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