About Neville

Hi there! My 9-5 passion is computer networking, and I’m fortunate to work for the company that built and continues to build the Internet (Cisco Systems).   Outside of that world, my passions are my family and college football (go Auburn Tigers!).

I’ve put together a couple websites — playoffPredictor.com (devoted to the #CFBPlayoff) and checkinSooner.com (helping people do air travel more productively)

Thanks for taking the time to read here. Be sure to follow me on twitter (@CiscoNeville) and on YouTube (nevilleaga1)

For those of you who would like a more formal introduction, here is my resume.

4 thoughts on “About Neville”

  1. On playoffpredictor, UMass, UTSA, and Louisana-Lafayette are being treated as FCS schools. Their schedule isn’t uploaded so they have 0-0 records on the site and the teams they’ve played are showing them as an FCS team. Just wanted to let you know as it affects the rankings.

    1. Thanks so much Cameron — it was because ESPN changed the names of these schools over the summer- for example, “Louisiana-Lafayette” changed to “Louisiana”. When the script went through, if it did not find a match it assumed the team was FCS.

      Got it corrected. The site now shows 131 teams — 130 in FBS and 1 team for 1AA/FCS.

  2. Hi! I just found your playoff predictor site and love the idea. Sadly I found it to late in the season. I was wondering if there was a way to go back and see what would happen if X team beat X. Say I wanted to go back to Week 10 This year and see if Auburn would get in if they won out. Is that possible?

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