2019 OKC Marathon in the books!

The 2019 OKC Marathon is in the books. This year Shelli, Austin and I all did the half-marathon. Results are back, and here is how I stacked up:

2 hours and 18 minutes to run 13.1 miles for an average pace of 10:33.  My goal at the beginning of the year was to run in under 2 hours — well, that was just not going to happen.  As much as I wanted to I couldn’t commit to the training needed to make it happen.  Still, I’m happy with 10:33. I placed right in the middle for my division – place 156 out of 310 total runners male 45-49.

Since I’m into statistics now, I also calculated my Z score to see how I did against a normal distribution. The average finish pace for my division was 10:59 with a standard deviation of 2:28. That puts me at a Z-score of -0.18, which has a 1-probability of 57% . (In other words, I placed in the 57th percentile for my division).   Not bad!


Here are the top, 50% and bottom finishers in my division:





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