First cfp prediction of 2019 – Its Georgia, not Alabama

Today is a big day in the life of my college football playoff predictor site ( Today is the second CFP committee ranking for the 2019 season, which means it is the first prediction week for the computer model.
what is in store for tonight? According to the model we will have Ohio State, LSU, and Clemson in three of the four spots. No surprises there. One surprise that the playoffpredictor says that differs with the AP committee poll – Georgia, not Alabama is in the fourth slot.

Personally, I think they will put Oregon in that slot – I think they will consider a last-second lost to Auburn on a neutral field much superior to a loss to South Carolina on Georgia’s home field. The problem with the first Prediction of the season is that there is not much bias information, those biases tend to smooth out as the season goes on.

If I were a voting member of the committee I would advocate for exactly what the computer says, which is Minnesota and Wisconsin in spots three and four. No Clemson, no Alabama, no Georgia. Minnesota is obviously unbeaten, but I just don’t see the committee changing on a dime from Voting them 17 to voting them number three. I hope it happens, but I’m not holding my breath. As far as Wisconsin? Well they were destroyed by Ohio State, but Ohio State looks fantastic. Other than that just a one point loss to a decent Illinois team. That certainly just as good or better than anybody else’s one loss who has some quality wins to go along with it. Alabama has nothing in the terms of quality wins. Their best win is Texas A&M, followed by Tennessee, southern Mississippi, and Duke. Yes, Alabama’s second best win was to a team that also lost to an FCS level team this year at home. Ouch.

Stay tune for 7 PM tonight, when we see if the first prediction is 75% correct or 100% correct.


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