Oregon rock!

Hobbies? Why yes, in fact I have one. My hobby is collecting rocks. I have been doing it ever since a 2006 trip through Utah where I found a rock that was particularly intriguing to me. I decided then to have a goal to find a good rock from all 50 states and bring them to my front yard back home in Norman.

I have been to most states in the US at least once, but one state I had never been to was Oregon. Last week Shelli and I took a weekend trip out to Portland and the Oregon coast, fulfilling a desire we had been having for the last few years.

We had a great time, and I’m proud to introduce rock #~20 into the collection:

I thought this rock had the right color for the rocks I saw in the area — darker, but not black volcanic.  It also has a nice little feature in the corner which looks like a rose, which is an Oregon thing.  The roses they grow there are huge!

The specific place this was taken from?  Just south of Cape Meares lighthouse, on the beach  45.4601N, 123.9701W


I need to brush the dust off my old rocks and re-intorduce them to the blog.  That will be the next blog post.



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